Safe Dads Program Outline

Worried woman with cancer cradles her child

Program Sessions in Brief

  • What does it mean to be a father?
  • How it feels to be a father.
  • What does it mean to be a good dad?
  • The effects your actions have on your children and partner.
  • Respecting the children’s mother 


  • The importance of non-violent discipline.
  • Non-violent discipline versus punishment.
  • Negotiating discipline with your partner.
  • How to provide non-violent discipline to your children

Domestic & Family Violence

  • What is it and how does it affect the children?
  • How do we keep our children safe?
  • If mum does not feel safe, neither will the children.
  • Tools to prevent domestic violence. 

Healthy Relationships

  • What is a healthy relationship?
  • The costs of an unhealthy relationship with your children and partner.
  • Costs and benefits of change.
  • Power and control.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Safety plans.

Safe Dads Program Location:

NQDVRS Townsville on the Mezzanine Floor
390 Flinders Street
Townsville  QLD 4810
Phone  07 4721 2888
Fax      07 4721 1794

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