About Discipline

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About Discipline

We have worked with many mothers,  who all wanted to feel that they are good and  capable parents.   

The question about disciplining children came up many times in our conversations  with parents.  Some parents are afraid of disciplining their children, others may think discipline is the way to win the battle or to let the children know who’s the boss.  Parents ask “do we have the right to discipline our children and what are the helpful ways other parents use to discipline children without using physical punishment?”

What is Discipline?                                     

Discipline does not mean punishment.  It isa teaching/learning process where parents have a wonderful opportunity to teach their children how to manage their own behaviours in a safe, caring, loving and trusting environment so they learn to become independent adults who can act responsibly.  


  • Discuss strategies to deal with situations
  • Include the child’s wishes and interests
  • Structure the environment to be safe
  • Care and understand
  • Involve the child through choices and consequences
  • Plan plenty of time for loving and playing
  • Let go, relax and enjoy your kids
  • Increase your consistency
  • Notice positive behaviours
  • Encourage your child  

Through discipline you teach your child to:

  • Get along with other people and respect their rights and their safety
  • Not to hurt others or themselves
  • Not to damage or destroy the things around them
  • Learn new skills and make healthy choices
  • Feel good about themselves and succeed in achieving something
  • Learn to be self-disciplined

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