Parents Wisdom

Worried woman with cancer cradles her child

Parents Wisdom

  • I find it hard to be patient sometimes.  My kids test me all the time.  It’s tricky to find out what was the reason behind their actions without being angry at them or yelling at them.  Being curious and creative to find out a solution helps me.
  • I’ve just realized that child raising ideas come from your own up bringing and background.  My partner has a completely different idea about    raising children.  Now I have to remind myself to be open and learn from what my partner has to suggest.
  • It was even harder when you are living in DV.  Your partner undermined nearly everything you said to your children.One day, I just said that was enough, STOP.  I told him violence was not OK.  It’s about self-discipline- to say NO to violence.
  • Be realistic-think through what rules you want to set.  When the rules are set- please stick to it.  If not, we might confuse our children’s little mind.
  • I’m not going to hurry today.  I’m remaining calm and relaxed.  Whatever spills can be cleaned.  Whatever stuff lying around can be put away. I won’t take my anger or frustration out on my kids because I love them.  They are important.

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