AARDVARK for Parents

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AARDVARC for Parents

NQDVRS provides a program for children who have experienced living with domestic violence.  The AARDVARC (Acknowledgement And Recognition of Domestic Violence And Real Change) program is a supportive program for children and young people and their parent or caregiver.  

The AARDVARC program offers acknowledgement of their experience of violence and an opportunity to talk and make sense of their experience within a safe and supportive environment.  Aardvarc involves a shared commitment between children, their parent/caregiver and workers and offers individual appointments and groups. 

Information sessions are held regularly for those involved in supporting children and young people who have experienced domestic violence.  A Short term individual program provides further opportunity to explore the experience of violence for the child/young person and their parent/caregiver.  Groups for children will be available throughout the year and focus on protective behaviours, safety, self esteem,  feelings and communication.

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