Safe at Home

Worried woman with cancer cradles her child

NQDVRS workers work with the courts, police and clients to assist women and children to stay safe in their home.

To accomplish this, our workers:

  • Discuss safety needs with the woman where she has a protection order which has a condition on it stating the respondent is not to enter or remain in any place the woman is living, or that the court has ordered the respondent to vacate the premises by a specific date.
  • Plan practical aspects of staying safely at home and make arrangements for the safety upgrades to be made to the woman’s home.
  • Discuss and plan for appropriate referrals.
  • Assist with the court process.
  • Provide information and support.
  • Provide respectful and holistic support to women’s safety.
  • Refer respondents to appropriate services.

Temporary assistance to respondents with emergency accommodation.

Telephone: 07 4743 0946 for more information.

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