Discipline VS Child Abuse

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Discipline VS Child Abuse

Discipline is a learning exercise, let kids be kids and handle situations with gentle guidance and use enthusiasm to guide your children.  Learn to be flexible and offer alternatives and choices.

Child abuse endangers or impairs a child’s physical and/or emotional health to the point where they can experience severe emotional, social and psychological problems.


  • Hitting people is wrong – and  children are people too!  
  • Tell children you love them  

Sometimes it is better to breathe deeply and deal with your emotions  before punishing your child. 

Here are some  alternatives to using physical  punishment that may help in stressful situations:  

  • Try to praise your child rather than punish them so try “DO this” rather than “DON’T”.  Reinforce good behaviour.
  • Communicate and work out solutions with your child.
  • Take a few deep breaths and try and relax.
  • Put your child in a safe place and leave them for a minute while you think.
  • Walk around outside for a while until you calm down.
  • If your child is old enough, talk to them about why you are angry with them.
  • Write a list about all the things that you love about your child and then share this with them later.
  • Ask for help.

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