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The MenTER Program

QDVRS facilitates a Men’s Behavioral Change Program as part of its response of challenging men to address their use of violence within their relationships. Known as Men TER  (Men Towards Equal Relationships) and run in a group format, participants gain information and tools to challenge and change the values, beliefs and behaviors that are the foundation for their use of violence. 

The program runs twice weekly .Two intake appointments prior to starting the group are also required.  

In group work men will understand that violence is a learnt behavior and only they can take the steps to change the behavior.  They can learn the skills to keep others safe. 

Men will hear that violence is not caused by others or due to anger or frustration. They will understand violence is used to maintain a sense of power and control over people and situations. 

The program challenges men to get the message that violence is not acceptable and that their actions causes damage to their partners and children that is difficult to heal.

The MenTER program is located at
NQDVRS Townsville on the Mezzanine Floor
46 Gorden Street
Garbutt QLD 4814

Phone  07 4721 2888
Fax      07 4721 1794

Remember the hurt and fear created when violence is threatened or used, often means that what you most want – a partner, children and the security of a home life, can be lost

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