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An essential role of NQDVRS is to provide Community Education and Training on Domestic Violence issues.

Dovetail is Townsville’s integrated response to domestic violence.  Meetings are held monthly at NQDVRS for services involved in Dovetail (i.e. Police, courts, welfare workers).  Members work together to provide a consistent and pro-active intervention in domestic violence irrespective of which agency is the first point of contact.

Our Focus:

  • Safety
  • Integrated program
  • Consistent intervention
  • Support and advocacy
  • Law reform
  • Debriefing


Our Goals:

  • Safety for all members of the community exposed to violence
  • Develop protocols for all services working against domestic violence.
  • Protocols with “dovetail” ensure that appropriate services are provided for all those exposed, involved and affected by domestic violence.
  • Monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of the Domestic and Family Violence Act.
  • Monitor the domestic and family violence systems.
  • Work towards law reform.
  • Advocate for change.

Our Responsibilities:

  • To meet regularly, exchange informaion and be committed to the Dovetail philosophy and processes.
  • To monitor domestic and family violence programs within the Townsville and Thuringowa community. Program includes; Fax-Back, Court Support and Men’s Program


Our Key Principles:  

  • Violence in the home is dealt with as a crime.
  • The abuser is held accountable for their actions.
  • The onus of intervening is shifted from the victim to the community and agencies which deal with domestic violence.
  • All agencies involved – police, courts, victim support, social services, probation and abuser education – are integrated and consistent in their approach through coordinated protocol development.
  •  All systems are monitored to ensure accountability and compliance with policies.
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