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What Will be Covered by the Program?

The program will explore what it means to be a father. Participants will address how domestic and family violence negatively impacts on their children, the children’s mother and themselves. The group will increase their understanding of how to provide non-violent discipline and to  negotiate the discipline of their children with the children’s mother. Participants will be equipped with some tools to prevent violence.  

The group will discuss the benefits of being in a healthy relationship and the consequences of unhealthy relationships.

Children and Domestic Violence

Many people believe that if domestic violence  occurs between two partners, their children will not be affected, that they are too young to understand and that they will just forget about it. It is also often assumed that if a man is a ‘good dad’, his children will not be impacted by the violence he uses against their mother. Using violence against your children’s mother is not being a good dad. You may be seriously harming your children in many ways. Children living with domestic and family violence can grow up believing that violence is an appropriate way to solve problems and that men have the right to control women. They may blame themselves or their mother for the violence. 

Children and Domestic Violence

Are You Using Domestic and Family Violence?

Forms of domestic and family violence include:

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Download the brochure, Being a Father