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Abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual.

Abuse is a game of power and control. IT IS NOT LOVE.

Your support and encouragement can help her feel stronger and more able to make decisions. She's putting a lot of trust in you. How you respond is very important.

Be Prepared to:

Things you can say................

"You can tell me about it.

You don't have to do this by yourself.

There is help out there for you.

Let's find out what you can do one step at a time."

"I believe you"

"You do not deserve to be abused"

"I am afraid for your safety and the safety of your children"

"Do you need help to find out what services are available?"

What is domestic & family violence?

Why does she stay?

How do I know if I should get involved?

Involvement doesn't mean having to solve the situation - It's helping your friend find her own answers and putting her in contact with support services if she needs them. See DV State/Territory Contacts link at the top of this page and also Relevant Links and Relevant Contacts

Take care - assess the level of danger to yourself and your friend before you decide how to safely support her. If your friend decides to leave, help to put her in touch with a specialised domestic violence service or the police who could  assist her to safety.

If you think you or your friend might be in danger, call the police.

If she doesn't want to involve professional help at this point, encourage her to make a personal safety plan even if she thinks there may not be a "next time". She may need to leave in a hurry.

Safety Plans